Marion Callahan Samkavitz



I am a professional storyteller, a writer of life who has tackled topics as difficult as wars overseas and as heartbreaking as the toll of addiction in the Philadelphia suburbs. I am a writer of people who invite me into their homes and trust me to share their triumphs and their most intimate daily struggles, whether it’s coping with a mental health illness or the mourning of a loved one. I am a writer of relationships, shining light on the bonds between community and people and the social trends shaping their lives, the bonds among family members grappling over parenting or care-giver choices and the bonds between strangers that often spark the most inspiring tales. I’m am a writer who makes people think, learn, feel and – in some rare, special cases – act.

I work for The Bucks County Courier Times in Levittown, The Intelligencer in Doylestown and the Burlington County Times, in Burlington, N.J. I’ve also worked as a news and features reporter at The Morning Call, a police and municipal reporter at The Miami Herald, an education writer at The Charlotte Observer and an international war correspondent with The Stars & Stripes in Heidelberg Germany.

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