About Me

About Me

A Multimedia Storyteller

My professional journey has been a dynamic exploration of the power of storytelling. 

Over the years, my roles have evolved, encompassing not just traditional journalism but also the evolving landscape of social media. As a journalism and social media professor, I have the privilege of passing on the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired, nurturing a new generation of storytellers.

Additionally, as a writer, photographer and short-form video creator, I weave my storytelling expertise into engaging, newsworthy, and community-driven content.

In my career, I’ve worn many hats: a columnist, an investigative reporter, a video producer, a podcast host, and a photographer. Each role allowed me to explore new dimensions of storytelling and connect with the world in unique ways.

I continue to freelance as a photographer, writer and social media content creator for local nonprofits and local and national news outlets. My work is in the digital and print pages of dozens of news outlets, including The Bucks County Courier Times, USA Today Network properties, The Morning Call, U.S. News & World Report, The Associated Press, Seattle Times, Christian Science Monitor, Raleigh News & Observer, and more.

Beyond the realm of media, my life finds balance in teaching yoga and fitness, and the moments spent with my family and dog, Milo. These are the threads that weave the fabric of my existence, creating a tapestry that tells the story of who I am.

These facets intertwine, creating a rich tapestry that embodies the essence of who I am—a storyteller at heart, weaving narratives that resonate across mediums and communities