Media Education

I’m a proud professor of practice at Cabrini University and a freelance content creator. We are Cabrini University students and faculty promoting truth in media, shedding light on public records and the importance of vetted sources and creating stories that promote Media for the common good. I became a full-time professor of journalism and digital media in August 2021.

On the links to this page, you will see student projects, featured lessons and course plans for journalism and photography, along with ideas on how we can bring positive change to the media landscape.

Read Dasha’s story, our diversity coverage, and a special project we initiated after learning of the rise in human trafficking in the university’s backyard. These are just a few ways you can see how young media professionals are telling stories on all media platforms.

We also connect with professionals in the field who share the latest practices. This year, our student journalists won 10 statewide awards for their coverage. To learn more about supporting our program reach me at