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The Politics of Play dates, playmates

My first introduction into the world of play dates was a shocker. Several years ago, I visited my friend with my first child, who was then 7 months old. It was exciting to bring our children together for the first time. I had been living overseas and wasn’t around to…

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The lure and the loathing of Chuck E. Cheese’s

There are some obvious rip-offs we surrender to in suburban life — $5 sodas at the movies, $4 two-minute pony rides at community fairs and the inevitable trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Make no mistake, I am among you, dropping a chunk of my paycheck on tokens for games to…

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Life isn’t simple, and neither are its choices

There I was at Manhattan Bagel frantically tearing up bite-size pieces of my bagel so my then 9-month-old would stop trying to arch his way out of the high chair. Meanwhile, my 2-year-old stood wobbling on his own chair, licking butter off his toast while testing my patience. Then she…

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Phillies legends take on local little league game

Warwick Township Baseball little league game, coached by Phillies legends Charlie Manual and Larry Bowa, honored Stephen Plum Jr., who died suddenly in May at 38. Plum’s sons play baseball for the club and Plum Jr. once coached there. Warwick coach Jeff Becarris won the little league coaching opportunity in…

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Covid Through the Eyes of an ICU Nurse

By Marion Callahan, USA Today Network, Pa. The words were not hers, but she delivered them as if they were. Doylestown Hospital ICU nurse Shumi Mazzacano had two daughters on a FaceTime call, eager to hear what they knew would be the last words from their mother, in the hospital…

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