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    Covering elections means getting local and national in scope. That year, I captured presidential visits through photos and video, covered the polls, and wrote breaking-news stories.

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  • Foster Youth

    Foster Youth

    Support and hope Foster kids: ‘They are the forgotten children’ Marion Callahan Published in The Bucks County Courier Times & Intelligencer Andrew Smith knows how to file a tax return. He knows how to cook a steak, and at 18, he knows the cheapest place to buy one. But he doesn’t know why he was…

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  • The Politics of Play dates, playmates

    The Politics of Play dates, playmates

    My first introduction into the world of play dates was a shocker. Several years ago, I visited my friend with my first child, who was then 7 months old. It was exciting to bring our children together for the first time. I had been living overseas and wasn’t around to witness the parenting part of…

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